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Days like this.

Today has done an about face.  I had two appointments in town scheduled for the morning, but Ms 13 trundled up the stairs at about 7.30 to inform us that she felt sick. If it was anything but the fact that she had tummy pains and felt like she *might* throw up, I could have probably left her here by herself, but I didn’t have the heart.  Throwing up is no fun, and still pretty hard to deal with solo at only 13 yrs old.

[And this is, after all, the reason why I’m fiffing and faffing over what sort of flexible, home-based work I could do. I truly do wonder how people  juggle work and sick kids.]

So, firstly a chiropractor appointment cancelled. It was just a maintenance type appointment, but then about an hour later I’ve slipped on the stairs, landed on my bum, and things are feeling jarred. What do you call that? Ironic? Not sure yet when I can risk rescheduling.

And the other appointment was with a  building design studio, to finally take the next, very belated, steps towards getting major renovations done to our house. We last explored it over 12 months ago, and just didn’t get round to moving forward with it. (It’s amazing how a year can just slip by.. ten times over, if the truth be known…)    Finally last week I’d had enough with everything that was wrong with the house, and made the phone call.  Now it’s put off till next Thursday.  I suppose one more week is not going to make much difference in the scheme of things, but it’s frustrating all the same.

So here I am. Plenty to do here at home (which includes writing, and getting my head around Javascript for TAFE – or the usual household jobs that never seem to get done)  but not so easy to concentrate with a 13 year old sitting nearby, huffing and sighing because she feels like crap.  She feels worse if she lies down, feels a bit better briefly if she eats some dry white toast with vegemite, but then feels ‘blah’ again, wonders if she could watch a movie, but then, apparently can’t find anything to watch.  Thankfully no spewing as yet, but I’ve not crossed that one off the list of possibilities. (She’d probably feel better if she did.)  And so she is half-heartedly doing stuff on the computer (which she is actually supposed to be grounded from for a while because of indiscriminate downloading that brought a virus onto my computer) – and half-heartedly looking over my shoulder, which is not conducive to inspiration or concentration.  (And I want to work from home?)  I also feel totally useless, because there is nothing much I can do to help her feel better.

Meanwhile the weather has gone totally blah. (My word of the day.)  Rain, wind overnight and today. (It has caused flooding further north.) The backyard is like a toddler wading pool again, and it is really wild out right now.

Just another one of those manic mum days, then, really.


Ah the joys of motherhood. Holding the spew bucket and then dealing with it all.

Hopefully she might feel better now. A spew and then a sleep. Fingers crossed.

Unfortunately the radar indicates that there isn’t much hope for the rest of today, and probably tomorrow at least, when it comes to the weather.




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