I’m marking it down as An Achievement.

We were invited to join a few other people on a fairly long ride. Talk about false advertising. They said it was around 94km. Ended up 111km. (Fortunately it was pretty flat!) A stop at around 40km for coffee, and 68km at a pub for lunch. Long day, tired but happy.

The eldest two declined to come, so it was the Mum, Dad and Ms 10 show.  So we had a new tandem duo combo, and Mum riding solo:



Yeah, I know his head is chopped off. All the other photos I tried to take while I was riding alongside were blurry.



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5 responses to “I’m marking it down as An Achievement.

  1. Oh – why aren’t you in the same team colours?

    And eek woman – 111km? 3km to the post office and back is good going (and possibly gross exageration) for this duck!!

  2. Only allowed to be in team colours when you’re on a tandem, jeanie!!! Otherwise you have to be an individual. Apparently. (Besides which, while I like my red & white ‘team’ jersey, every photo of me wearing it on our Tassie ride was very unflattering (in the abdominal region, if you know what I mean!). So I’ve been avoiding wearing it. :D)

  3. I love the pictures, even with the chopped off head. You don’t see tandem bikes around here, much. I’ve wondered if they’re more common in that part of the world, or are y’all just iconoclastic that way?

  4. traceelements

    Gosh rootie, don’t know about iconoclastic, though we have converted a handful of people to the joys of riding tandems. But we look at stuff on the web about these tandem clubs, and massive tandem rallies in the US, and are in awe. Also, there are a few very good tandem manufacturers over there. None here. The US is where you get the good tandems! Maybe they just don’t ride ’em in the south?!!! 😀

  5. Sam The Dog

    The tandem bike reminds me of The Goodies. 🙂

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