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So much for multitasking.

We women are supposed to be great at multi-tasking aren’t we? Well I’m afraid, girls, I’m letting the team down.

Other women seem to juggle jobs, house, family with consummate ease.   Here I am, simply trying to do half a full-time IT  course (I’ve already ditched doing half the units for this year) and my brain is just not coming to the party.  Maybe, at 46 yrs old,  it’s running out of disk space…   I wonder if there’s any chance of an upgrade.

This week I’m having problems running the ‘getting my head around Javascript’ program concurrently with the ‘keep up with the laundry’ program, the ‘shuttling the kids here and there after school’ program, the ‘cooking and cleaning up’ program, the ‘nagging the kids to actually do the jobs on their roster’ program, the ‘understanding 2D Animation’ program..  and that’s not even the half of it.

I also should be initiating a few voluntary jobs (website stuff for two organisations, and stupidity like having offered to repair netball bibs for the school) at the same time as trying to install Exercise Each Day, partly for my sanity, partly because I need to lose weight, not put it on.

Yesterday I also made enquiries in regard to initiating some house renovation software, which will use up even more of my CPU resources.  I could list more jobs that need to run,  (and some that I’d like to run) but I’ve simply not been able to free up the disk space to initiate them.

I’m not sure if it would feel any easier if I was paid for any of this, but my head is spinning. And the operating system is threatening to crash.

I  know many women hold down full time jobs, and manage all the domestic affairs, and have a far cleaner house than me. I know of women who have done their Masters or a PhD at the same time as holding down a full time job, plus wrangle a family of twice as many kids as I have.

Me? My house is a pigsty, I can’t get my kids to do their bloody jobs. [I don’t know, it’s as if they can’t possibly do anything round here till I’ve asked 6 times (each time louder than the last) clicked my heels three times and said facetiously ‘there’s no place like home’]  (Obviously there’s a bug or even a virus in that program.)

I know that I need to spend time ‘studying’ or practising the stuff I am trying to learn, but I can’t seem to find the RAM to do it. Too much else is running at the same time.

Obviously these other women are running some multi-tasking patch or script that I don’t have, or their operating system is far superior.   Can anyone recommend a good one?



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